National Vocational Education Council

National Vocational Education Council

National council of vocational educational board is a national vocational education development organized mission promotes by planning commission government of India to ensure public organized co-operation effort implementation of the vocational education development plan. The constitution and functioning of public organized is approved unanimously by the planning commission government of India.   The vocational and educational center is established in accordance with the government of republic of India (official newsletter of republic of India issue 87/06), as a public institution for accordance and integration of public interests and the interests of the social partners in the vocational education and training (article 31 from the law for vocational education and training, from official newsletter issue 71/06 and 117/08). In accordance to article 32 from the above mentioned law, the center performs specialized supervisions, evaluation, studying, promotion, and research and development if the vocational training and education, and other tasks in accordance with the law, and the statute.

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