DMPQ:Quality Higher education is key to reap the benefits of Demography. In this context suggest ways to improve Higher Education.

Higher education has to be taken to next level to make India a knowledge economy. But quality of HE is an issue and that need quick redressal. The  major steps that can be taken to transform Higher education are:

  • Implementation: Implementation of reforms as pointed out by TSR Subramanian Committee.
  • Autonomy: Reforming or replacing UGC, MCI, AICTE and other centralized authorities to make them more adaptable to changing circumstances as is proposed recently replacing UGC by a Higher Education Commission of India (HECI).
  • Finance: Increasing budgetary allocation to at least 6-7% of GDP.
  • Curriculum: Periodic assessment of curriculum and compulsory changes after due consultation with stake holders like market forces and educational experts.
  • Teaching: Increasing quality of teachers with periodic assessment and filling up of vacancies in teaching profession.
  • Foreign institution: Allowing setting up of foreign institutions in India and granting full autonomy in conducting courses of their choices.
  • Industry-academic tie-ups: High profile companies can tie up with institute and transfer technology and knowledge.
  • Courses: Short duration courses, online courses etc. have to be offered by higher institution and recognized duly.
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