DMPQ- Why Jute mill Industry are located in West Bengal. Enumerate the factors.

The jute industries are majorly located in eastern region of the country. About 25% of the workforce are enrolled in the jute industry. 80% of the industries are in West Bengal only. The reasons for the high concentration of Jute Industries are as follows:

  • Soil: The alluvial conditions of Eastern Bengal offer ideal environment for jute cultivation. Thus, availability of raw jute makes jute textile manufacturing the most prominent industry in the state.
  • Transportation: Inexpensive water transport supported by a good network of railways, roadways and waterways facilitates movement of raw materials, finished products and mill equipments to the mills.
  • Water availability: The industry requires huge amount of water for processing jute, which is

provided by the Hooghly river.

  • Cheap labour: The jute industry is labour intensive. The labour is abundantly present in the region and adjoining areas of Bihar and Odisha.
  • Energy: Iron and coal which are required for the installation and running of jute factories are also available from the nearby mines of Raniganj.
  • Geographical Location: Bangladesh is another major grower of Jute. The jute mills in Bengal get abundant local and imported supply from Bangladesh.
  • Market: Kolkata as a large urban centre provides banking, insurance and port facilities for export of jute goods.


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