30.08.17 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Current Affairs

Chhattisgarh   Raipur Municipal Corporation portal to keep track of affordable house allotments   An online portal has been launched by the civic body to keep track of home allotments to slum dwellers through the Basic Service for Urban Poor (BSUP) housing scheme.   This portal will keep track of vacant houses and its allotment process executed by zone … Read more

01/07/2017- CGPCS Daily Current Affairs

Chhattisgarh   Amrut mission: Chhattisgarh ranks 4th in achieving target, bags award   For consecutively second year in a row, Chhattisgarh has bagged National Awardfor achieving target under Mission Amrut.   In a programme organized at science building in New Delhi, Union minister of urban development M Venkaiah Naiduawarded an incentive of Rs 25 crore to Chhattisgarh government. … Read more

Nuclear Energy

  Introduction Global energy demand continues to climb as the industrialized world’s energy use rises, millions pull themselves out of poverty in developing countries, and the world population expands. Thus, the debate over the energy supply of the future intensifies. This debate is complicated by ongoing global climate destabilization as a result of green house … Read more

Population, environment and development

  The rapid pace of population growth has led to the excessive utilization of natural resources. Huge population also leads to huge production of wastes. The resultant outcomes are loss of biodiversity, pollution of air, water and soil and increased pressure on arable land. All these have been putting great stress on the environment. If … Read more

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