11.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs






  • The WHO has in partnership with the International Food and Beverage Alliance (IFBA) to wished to achieve elimination of industrially produced trans fats by 2023.
  • They expressed their commitment to eliminate industrial trans fats, and reduce salt, sugar and saturated fats in processed foods



  • 180 nations agree on a new UN accord to curb export of plastic waste.
  • Eight million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the oceans each year.
  • The Geneva meeting amended the 1989 Basel Convention on the control of hazardous wastes to include plastic waste in a legally-binding framework.



Wto ministerial meeting OF developing countries IN new delhi

  • A WTO Ministerial meeting of developing countries is being hosted by India in New Delhi on 13-14 May 2019.
  • Sixteen developing countries, Six Least Developed Countries (LDC)(Argentina, Bangladesh, Barbados, Benin, Brazil, Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, China, Egypt, Guatemala, Guyana, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Malawi, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Uganda)and DG, WTO are participating in the meeting.
  • It is an effort to bring together the developing countriesand Least Developed Countries on a platform for sharing common concerns on various issues affecting the WTO and work together to address these issues.
  • Provides an opportunity to the developing countries and ldcs to build consensus on how to move forward on the WTO reforms, while preserving the fundamentals of the multilateral trading system enshrined in the WTO. The deliberations will aim at getting a direction on how to constructively engage on various issues in the WTO, both institutional and negotiating, in the run up to the Twelfth Ministerial Conference of the WTO to be held in Kazakhstan in June 2020.


World’s first complete parent-wise genome assembly of buffalo

  • INDUSCHIP, a customized genotyping chip for indigenous cattle and their crosses, Anand-based National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has now developed world’s first complete parent-wise genome assembly of buffalo.
  • The genome assembly would also provide impetus for implementing genomic selection programme in buffaloes to achieve faster genetic progress in Indian buffalo population.
  • India has 113.3 million buffaloes, and they comprise approximately 50.5 per cent of the total world buffalo population.
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