DMPQ:What is VOIP and write its advantages.

VOIP is IP enabled voice calling technology over internet. Example: Skype, Yahoo messenger,MSN messenger.It requires broadband connectivity to make a call along with IP enables  like Computers,Smartphone etc.The voice is converted into digital packets and transmitted to destination over packet switchednetwork. Advantages of VOIP are: Cost of calling is cheaper than normal phone. No need … Read more

DMPQ:Write a short note on Troposphere.

It is the lower most layer of atmosphere. It extends up to 18km at equator, 13 km at midlatitude and about 8km at poles.It contains approximately 90% of the total mass of the atmosphere.The entire weather phenomenon takes place in this layer. It contains all the watervapour, dust particles, clouds etc. In troposphere the temperature … Read more

DMPQ:Article 21 of the constitution has gotten more dimensions and scope due to Supreme Court Judgement. This liberal interpretation has led to the real broadening of fundamental rights. Comment

Article 21 of the Constitution says that “No person shall be deprived of his life or personalliberty except according to procedure established by law.” It is the most precious andsacrosanct right. Having found it to be inadequate and unrealistic in view of the changing socio-economic needs and aspirations of the society, the Supreme Court resorted … Read more

20.07.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Daily Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Govt encouraging setting up of biogas plants under NGGB   Under ‘Suraji Gaon’ scheme Narva, Garva, Ghurva and Badi (NGGB) state government is promoting establishment of biogas units all over the state.   Chhattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Authority (CREDA) working on the mission has taken up the target of establishing 5130 biogas units in … Read more

DMPQ:Write a short note on Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is a non-binding and voluntary implementation plan of United Nations with regard to sustainable development. Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally,nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System,Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which humanimpacts on the environment. Agenda 21, the Rio Declaration … Read more

19.07.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Daily Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH IGAU among top-10 agriculture universities   Indira Gandhi Agriculture University (IGAU), Raipur is now among the top ten agriculture varsities in the country   In the 2018-19 ranking released by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), IGAU bagged the tenth place. Earlier, in 2016-17 IGAU was at 17th place while in 2017-18 it … Read more

DMPQ:Write a short note on Totipotency.

Many somatic plant cells, including some fully differentiated types (e.g. leaf mesophyll),provided they contain intact nuclear, plastid and mitochondrial genomes, have the capacity to regenerate into whole plants. This phenomenon is totipotency.Totipotent cells from plants have been used in tissue-culture techniques to produce improved plant materials that are pathogen-free and disease-resistant. Totipotent cells fromanimals are … Read more

DMPQ:Indian constitution in true sense do not follow the perfect separation of power. Do you agree with the statement. If Yes, Why?

Indian constitution is based on the clear but delicate principle of limited separation of powers and responsibilities between different arms of Government, a precondition for smooth functioning of a government. But there are provisions and functioning where there are overlapping of functional areas. For example: Legislature- President is head but works on advice of CoM, … Read more