Question Paper VII- General Studies V- CGPSC Mains Updated/latest

PART – 01 Welfare, Development Programme & Laws:- 1. Social and Important Legislation – Indian Society. Social legislation as a form of a mean of social transform. Human Rights Protection Legislation 1993. Protection granted to Females (CRPC) under Indian Constitution & Criminal Law (Penal Code). Protection Act 2005 to Females from Domestic Violation, Civil Rights … Read more

Question Paper IV- General Studies II- CGPSC Mains Updated/lattest

PART – 01 General Science:- CHEMISTRY :-Rate of chemical reaction and chemical elqulibruim : Preliminary knowledge of rate of chemical reaction.. Fast and slow chemical reactions. Metals – Position of metals in the periodic table and general properties. Metal, mineral ore. Difference between mineral and ore. Metallurgy concentration, roasting, smelting, refining of ores. Metallurgy of … Read more

Question Paper III- General Studies I- CGPSC Mains Updated/lattest

PART – 01 History of India:- Indus Civilization, Vedic Civilization, Jainism and Buddhism, Rise of Magadh Empire, Mauryan Polity and Economy, Sunga, Satavahana period, Gupta Empire, Development of Art, Architecture, Literature & Science In Gupta Vakataka Period. Major dynasties of south india, Medieval Indian History, Sultanate and mughal period, Vijaya Nagar Kingdom, Bhakti Movement, Sufism, Growth … Read more