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Question Paper VII- General Studies V- CGPSC Mains Updated/latest

PART – 01 Welfare, Development Programme & Laws:- 1. Social and Important Legislation – Indian Society. Social legislation as a form of a mean of social transform. Human Rights Protection Legislation 1993. Protection granted to Females (CRPC) under Indian Constitution & Criminal Law (Penal Code). Protection Act 2005 to Females from Domestic Violation, Civil Rights Protection Act 1955. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Atrocity Protection Law 1989. Right to Information Act 2005,Environment Protection Act 1986, Consumer Protection Act Information Technology Act 2000. Corruption Prevention Act 1988 2. In Reference to Chhattigarh: Customary Various Laws and Acts in Chhattisgarh and their ... Read more

Question Paper V- General Studies III- CGPSC Mains Updated/lattest

PART-01 Economics of India & Chhattisgarh:- I. National and per capita income, Structural changes in the Indian Economy ( GDP and work force), Changes in the role of Public and Private Sectors and their shares in the total plan outlay of the latest plan, Economic Reforms, problems of poverty and unemployment , magnitude and measures initiative to ameliorate them, Monetary Policy structure of Indian Banking and non-banking financial institutions and reforms in them since 1990s. Regulation of Credit by RBI. Pattern of Revenue, Expenditure, Public Debt, fiscal deficit and effects on the Economy. 2. In Reference with C.G. – Demographic ... Read more

Question Paper IV- General Studies II- CGPSC Mains Updated/lattest

PART Р01 General Science:- CHEMISTRY :-Rate of chemical reaction and chemical elqulibruim : Preliminary knowledge of rate of chemical reaction.. Fast and slow chemical reactions. Metals РPosition of metals in the periodic table and general properties. Metal, mineral ore. Difference between mineral and ore. Metallurgy concentration, roasting, smelting, refining of ores. Metallurgy of copper and Iron. corrosion of metals. Alloys. Nonmetals РPosition of nonmetals in the periodic table.and general Properties. Some important organic compounds , some general artifical polymers, polythene, polyvinyl choloride. Teflon soap and detergents.  PHYSICS :- Light Рnature of light reflection of light, laws ... Read more

Question Paper III- General Studies I- CGPSC Mains Updated/lattest

PART Р01 History of India:- Indus Civilization, Vedic Civilization, Jainism and Buddhism, Rise of Magadh Empire, Mauryan Polity and Economy, Sunga, Satavahana period, Gupta Empire, Development of Art, Architecture, Literature & Science In Gupta Vakataka Period. Major dynasties of south india, Medieval Indian History, Sultanate and mughal period, Vijaya Nagar Kingdom, Bhakti Movement, Sufism, Growth of Literature in regional Languages, Rise of Marathas, Advent of Europeans and factors leading to the British Supremacy, Expansion of British Empire- Wars and diplomacy, Rural Economy-Agriculture,Land Revenue Systems РPermanent Settlement, Ryotwari, Mahalwari, Decline of handicrafts, Relation of East India Company with States, Changes ... Read more

Why dont we release answerkey’s for CGPCS Prelims Exams???

Well dear, It has been our long standing statement not to release the answer keys or solutions for prelims or exam the reason’s are as follows:- Why no Answerkey of CGPCS Prelims Exam We feel that the calculation or prediction of marks or cutoff of cgpcs prelims exam is a shear waste of time. as we have given everything else for exam , for this thing we plan to skip as involving you in cutoff predictions answer analysis is waste of time. So what next for CGPCS Mains Exam CGPCS Mains has a specific syllabus and we have initiated the ... Read more