31.01.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Chhattisgarh Culture : Pathoni Folk Song   Amongst the various forms of music predominant in Chhattisgarh, the Pathoni songs are very famous.   The music of Chhattisgarh is generally interspersed with traces of traditional tribal culture.   They are generally sung in the native dialects and are a part of every festival and celebration … Read more

30.01.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Paddy procurement surpasses 75L MT target in State   Paddy procurement exercise in Chhattisgarh on Minimum Support Price (MSP) concluded.   The procurement had surpassed the target of 75 lakh metric tonnes and though final figures were yet to arrive, it was reportedly around 80 lakh metric tonnes.   Official sources informed that till … Read more

29.01.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Govt outlets to sell Kadaknath chicken soon   The state government will be selling Kadaknath chicken from official counters in Bhopal and Indore within a month. Quail meat will also be sold at these outlets. Live, dressed, marinated and ready to cook Kadaknath chicken would be sold from the two outlets soon. Kadaknath, locally … Read more

27-28.01.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH First ‘Natural Kosa Sanctuary’ in Chhattisgarh soon     The First Natural ‘Kosa Sanctuary’ will come up in Kuhera-Rakhi area of Atal Nagar region . This would also be the first Sanctuary in the country which would be in line with cottage industry as with Kosa production, employment will be generated, officials informed. The … Read more

26.01.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Chhattisgarh bags key national award Chhattisgarh for first time after its formation will receive the ‘National Award-2018’ for the best election related works undertaken during State Assembly Election 2018.   Chhattisgarh has received the award for best implementation of election works in ‘State Category’.   ECI has also selected Bijapur district Superintendent of Police … Read more

25.01.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH C’garh first to accept Swaminathan Committee recommendations   The Chhattisgarh unit of the Congress party has demanded from the Centre to declare paddy’s Minimum Support Price (MSP) at Rs 2500 per quintal .   This apart from a demand to take excess stock of paddy from the State other than its use by Chhattisgarh’s … Read more

24.01.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Chhattisgarh govt to waive Rs 207 crore irrigation tax of farmers   In a move that will benefit 15 lakh farmers in Chhattisgarh, chief minister Bhupesh Baghel announced to waive their outstanding irrigation taxes worth Rs 207 crore.   The chief minister’s announcement comes just over a month after his government decided to waive farmers’ … Read more

23.01.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Government, stakeholders share notes on Forest Rights Act   Chhattisgarh government, for the first time, held a meeting with the non-government organizations and civil rights groups on the Forest Rights Act (FRA) and its implementation. Addressing the meeting, chief minister Bhupesh Baghel said the FRA has provisions to benefit people living in the forest areas of … Read more

22.01.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH C’garh Govt to develop its own e-procurement portal   The State Cabinet approved a proposal for making material procurements from Chhattisgarh State Industrial Development Corporation (CSIDC) instead of Central Government’s e-Marketing portal (GeM).   The State government will also write a letter to the Central government to make quantity of rice weighing 32 lakh … Read more

20-21.01.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPCS) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH ·         C’garh got Rs 200 crore in aid for LWE hit distts this fiscal: Centre   Under  ‘Special Central Assistance for the most LWE affected districts’  , eight districts of Chhattisgarh are included and an amount of Rs. 200 crore has been released to Chhattisgarh for these districts till now this financial year, the … Read more

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