Ethics Case Study 5

Case Study 5:- You are Director General in the Ministry of Public Works Department and have access to important policy decisions along with upcoming big announcements such as road construction projects before they are notified in the public. Your son is a land dealerand wants to know the complete details and he is insisting you … Read more

Ethics Case Study 4

Case Study 4:- You were transferred as a DM in a district 1 year ago with a huge problem of illegal encroachments. You are doing your best to demolish all illegal encroachments in the district. At the heart of the city, there is an immediate need of widening a road where lots of accidents have … Read more

Ethics Case Study 3

Case Study 3:- There is a district notorious for kidnapping cases and you are serving as Superintendent of Police (SP) of the same. In one case, 15 school girls have been kidnapped and hidden in an unknown place. You got confirm information from your investigation that also, in previous cases, girls were kidnapped, they were … Read more

Ethics Case Study 2

Case Study 2:- Ratan is a farmer who grew sugar-cane on his two acres irrigated land and had borrowed money from a private bank to buy a tractor. He bought the tractor from the money he had received from bank loan but, also used part of the money to pay dowry and expenses for his … Read more

Ethics Case Study 1

Case Study 1:- You and Ravi both are friends since childhood and your families are also close to each other, it’s like one family. Ravi recently got appointed as Executive Officer in Social Welfare Department and you both are having lunch. During conversation, Ravi tells you that he is enjoying his work because it’s giving … Read more