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Mains Booster-Communication infrastructure of India

Communication infrastructure of India The Communication Industry in India is one of the rapidly emerging sectors in India. The growth in communication industry is triggered by an increase in the revenues generated from both landline and mobile facilities. Telecommunication is the transmission of messages over distances for the purpose of communication. Telecommunications play an important role in the world economy and the worldwide telecommunication industry’s revenue. Modern telecommunication systems are quite capable of transmitting large volume of information over long distances through telephone, fax, radio, television etc. India is the fourth largest telecom market in Asia after China, Japan and ... Read more

Quick Revision ( Article:3, Science): Type Of Nuclear Reactors

  QUICK REVISION ( ARTICLE:3, SCIENCE): TYPE OF NUCLEAR REACTORS   COMPONENTS OF NUCLEAR REACTOR:   Fuel: Usually pellets of uranium oxide (UO2) arranged in tubes to form fuel rods. The rods are arranged into fuel assemblies in the reactor core   Moderator: This is material which slows down the neutrons released from fission so that they cause more fission. It is usually water, but may be heavy water or graphite.   Control rods: These are made with neutron-absorbing material such as cadmium, hafnium or boron, and are inserted or withdrawn from the core to control the rate of reaction, ... Read more

Quick Revision ( Science Series, Art 2): Nuclear Technology, Radioactivity And Its Application

Quick Revision ( Science Series, Art 2):   Nuclear Technology, Radioactivity And Its Application     Nuclear technology:        Nuclear technology is technology that involves the nuclear reaction of atomic nuclei. Among the notable nuclear technologies are nuclear reactors, nuclear medicine and nuclear weapons.   BASIC CONCEPTS: Nuclear energy: The energy produced due to changes in the structure of the nuclei of atoms is called nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is produced manually and via man made operations. Example Sun, nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons etc. Nuclear fission: In this nuclei of atom splits causing energy to be released. The atom bomb and nuclear ... Read more

QUICK REVISION: Art 4, Institutional structure for Nuclear energy

  QUICK REVISION: Art 4, Institutional structure for Nuclear energy:   ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION: Governing body of the department of Atomic energy It is directly under the charge of the Prime Minister Set up on 10Aug, 1948 Function: Organise research in atomic science To train atomic scientist in the country To promote nuclear research in commission’s own laboratory To undertake prospecting of atomic minerals in India Five centres: Bhabha Atomic research centre, MUMBAI Indira Gandhi centre for atomic research, Kalpakkam Raja Rammana Centre for advance technology, Indore Variable energy cyclotron centre, Kolkata Atomic minerals directorate for exploration and research, Hyderabad ... Read more

Science And Technology In Ancient Period

 : Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physiology and Medicine (including Surgery), Ship- building, Mining and Metallurgy, Engineering and Architecture Like people in any other part of the world Indians too, have a rich legacy of scientific ideas. A desire to now the unknown, accompanied with experimentation and observation have always generated scientific temper. This has led to the assumption that truth lay in the real world with all its diversity and complexity. It has been the responsibility of scientists to unravel the mystery behind the truth and utilise available resources for the progress of humanity. Science and technology ... Read more

Special Promotional Programme For Horticulture Development

 Definition of Horticulture: Horticulture may be broadly defined as the Science and art of growing fruits, vegetables and flowers and crops like spices condiments and other plantation crops. It is a science of cultivation of Garden plants. The word Horticulture in derived from the Latin word Hortus meaning enclosure (garden) and culture – meaning, cultivation,. Thus Horticulture mans culture or cultivation of garden crops. Branches of Horticulture: Horticultural Science is the most distinct branch of Agricultural Sciences and call be divided into four different branches as follow. Main Branches: Pamology– It deals with cultivation of fruit crops. Olericulture- It ... Read more

Uses And Harms Of Bacreria

 Harmful bacteria Pathogenic Bacteria These bacteria cause great losses to plant and animal popula­tion by causing several diseases. Reduction of Soil Fertility Some facul­tative anaerobic bacteria are available mostly in the oxygen deficient soil which reverse the nitrifying process, thereby causing the loss of a part of its combined nitrogen. They break down the nitrates in a stepwise manner either to ammonia through assimilatory nitrate reduction or to N2 through dissimilatory nitrate reduction. Spoilage of Food In favourable temperature and humidity, bacteria can grow luxuriantly in many food materials. They change the flavour, appearance and smell of food. Different ... Read more

Electro Magnetic Induction

 When a DC current passes through a long straight conductor a magnetising force, H and a static magnetic field, B is developed around it If the wire is then wound into a coil, the magnetic field is greatly intensified producing a static magnetic field around itself forming the shape of a bar magnet giving a distinct North and South pole. The magnetic flux developed around the coil being proportional to the amount of current flowing in the coils windings as shown. If additional layers of wire are wound upon the same coil with the same current flowing through them, ... Read more


QUICK REVISION: NANOTECH AND ITS APPLICATION   Definition:Nanoscience and Nanotechnology involves the concept of manipulating the extremely small things at nanoscale. At nanoscale things behave differently and this properties can be utilised across various fields of science like chemistry, biology, medicine, physics and material science.   APPLICATION OF NANO ON HEALTH SECTOR: Repairing of damaged organs Diagnosis and treatment of cancer cells. Development of Signature protein to treat cancerous cell. Improve in better drug delivery system Nano filters can be utilise to remove the smallest known Virus Antimicrobial coating made through nanotechnology is promising feature for prevention of disease Can ... Read more

Simple Telescope And Astronomical Telescope

 , Construction working, uses, ray diagram Simple telescope A simple working telescope requires nothing more than a pair of lenses mounted in a tube. The lens in front, known as the objective, focuses an image; the lens in back, known as the eyepiece, magnifies the image. Although it may seem like a crude device, a simple telescope nicely illustrates the basic working principles of more powerful astronomical instruments. LENSES Light normally moves in straight lines, but there are situations in which this is not true. You are already familiar with some: for example, the distortions you see looking through ... Read more