The public and Private administration

The public and Private administration:-Public administration is different from private administration in three important aspects, the first is the political character, secondly the breadth of scope, impact and consideration and public accountability. These differences seem very fundamental and very valid in the Iight of our own exploration of the subject in previous articles.

Following principles differentiate between the public and Private administration:-

• Principle of Uniformity: Common and uniform laws and regulations mostly regulate public Administration.
• Principle of External Financial Control: the representatives of the people through a legislative body control Government revenues and heads of expenditure.
• Principle of Ministerial Responsibility: Public administration is accountable to its political masters and through them to the people.
• Principle of marginal Return: The main objective of a business venture is profit, however small it may be. However, most of the objectives of public administration can neither be measured in money terms nor checked by accountancy methods.

Following are the similarities between the public and Private administration:-

1. Both public and business administration rely on common skills,techniques and procedures.
2. In modern times the principle of profit motive is not peculiar to private administration, because it is now accepted as a laudable objective for public sector enterprises also.
3. In personnel management, the private organisations have been influenced greatly by the practices of public organisations.
4. The private concerns are also subjected to many legal constraints. Government is exercising much control over business firms through regulatory legislation such as taxation, monetary and licensing policies, etc. Consequently, they are not as free as they once used to be.
5. There is a similar type of hierarchy and management systems, both in public and private sectors. Both have same kind of organisation structure, superior – subordinate relationships, etc.
6. Both Pubic and private administration carries on continuous efforts to improve their internal working and also for efficient delivery of services to people or customers.
7. Public and private administration serves the people, whether being called clients or customers. Both have to maintain close contact with people to inform about their services and also to get feedback about services and product. In both the cases, public relations help them to inform and improve their services to the people.

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