Why dont we release answerkey’s for CGPCS Prelims Exams???

Well dear, It has been our long standing statement not to release the answer keys or solutions for prelims or exam the reason’s are as follows:-

Why no Answerkey of CGPCS Prelims Exam

We feel that the calculation or prediction of marks or cutoff of cgpcs prelims exam is a shear waste of time. as we have given everything else for exam , for this thing we plan to skip as involving you in cutoff predictions answer analysis is waste of time.

So what next for CGPCS Mains Exam

CGPCS Mains has a specific syllabus and we have initiated the free demo topics of our mains notes. Now its high time for you to start analyzing the syllabus of cgpcs. Whether you prepare with us or any other institute its your decision, but one thing we would suggest dont check answer keys or cutoff’s. they feel good while calculation but are really a waste of time

How to proceed for CGPCS Mains Exam

We haveĀ  a mains test series program and also will start a daily answer writing program for mains exam

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