Question Paper VII- General Studies V- CGPSC Mains Updated/latest

PART – 01 Welfare, Development Programme & Laws:-

1. Social and Important Legislation – Indian Society. Social legislation as a form of a mean of social transform. Human Rights Protection Legislation 1993. Protection granted to Females (CRPC) under Indian Constitution & Criminal Law (Penal Code). Protection Act 2005 to Females from Domestic Violation, Civil Rights Protection Act 1955. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Atrocity Protection Law 1989. Right to Information Act 2005,Environment Protection Act 1986, Consumer Protection Act Information Technology Act 2000. Corruption Prevention Act 1988

2. In Reference to Chhattigarh: Customary Various Laws and Acts in Chhattisgarh and their welfare and developmental impact on residents of Chhattisgarh’

3. Welfare Schemes of Chhattisgarh Government: Customary welfare. People-oriented and Important Schemes introduced in various times by Chhattisgarh Government.

PART- 02 International & National Sports, Events & Organisation:-
United Nations and its Associated Organizations. International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Asian Bank, SAARC BRICS. Other Bilateral and Regional Groups. World Trade Organization and its impact on India. National and International Sports and Competition

PART – 03 International & National Educational Institute & their Role of Human Development :-
Availability of Skilled Human Resources, Employability and Productivity of Human Resources. Various Trends of Employment. Role of Various Institutions and Councils in Human Resources Development as- Higher Education and National Commission for Research. National Educational Research and Training Council. National Educational Schemes and Administration University, University Grants Commission. Open University, All India Technical Education Council, National Education Teacher Council, National Vocational Education Council. Indian Agriculture Research Council. Indian Institute of Technology. Indian Institute of Management. National Institute of Technology, National Law University, Polytechnique and I.T.I.. Education in Human Resource Development, a mean Universal/Equal Elementary Education. Higher Education and Technical Education. Quality of Vocational Education. Issues related to Girls Education. Deprived Class. Issues related to Disabled People.

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