Chhattisgarh History -Mock Sample Questions CGPSC Prelims Test Series 2018

  1. What was the ancient name of Chhattisgarh?

(A) North Kosala

(B) South Kosala

(C) East Kosala

(D) West Kosala

Ans: (B)

  1. Which one of the following was not the name of Chhattisgarh?

(A) South Kosala

(B) Dakshina Kosala

(C) Godwana

(D) North Kosala

Ans: (C)

  1. “Chhattisgarh” was termed during whose times–

(A) Maratha

(B) British

(C) Mughal

(D) Modern Period

Ans: (A)

  1. In which period Chhattisgarh was known as “Godwana”?

(A) Ancient

(B) Medieval

(C) Modern

(D) None

Ans: (B)

  1. In which year Chhattisgarh came under the British?

(A) 1819

(B) 1800

(C) 1818

(D) 1869

Ans: (C)

  1. In 1854 Chhattisgarh was created into a deputy commissionership. Where was its headquater situated?

(A) Raipur

(B) Bastar

(C) Durg

(D) None

Ans: (A)

  1. What was the period of Halba Rebellion?

(A) 4 year

(B) 5 year

(C) 6 year

(D) 3 year

Ans: (B)

  1. Who was considered as the first martyr in the struggle of independence?

(A) Vir Narain Singh

(B) Vir Vikaram Singh

(C) Sir Stenford

(D) Radhe Lal

Ans: (A)

  1. Which dynasty is considered as starting point of political era of Chhattisgarh?

(A) Kalchuri Dynasty

(B) Nal Dynasty

(C) Rajarsitulya Dynasty

(D) Pandu Dynasty

Ans: (A)

  1. By whom attack Kalchuri dynasty was ended?

(A) Maratha

(B) Mughal

(C) British

(D) None

Ans: (A)

  1. Nal Dynasty was spreaded in which region?

(A) Bastar

(B) Raipur

(C) Durg

(D) None

Ans: (A)

  1. Who was the founder of Nal Dynasty?

(A) Vrahraj

(B) Shanshank

(C) NarendraSen

(D) Shur

Ans: (A)

  1. Who was the founder of Rajarsitulya dynasty?

(A) Shur

(B) Vrahraj

(C) Bhimsen I

(D) Bhimsen II

Ans: (A)

14.Who was the founder of Sharabhpuriya Dynasty

(A) Sharab

(B) Shur

(C) Vrahraj

(D) Bhimsen

Ans: (A)

  1. Shiva temple in Pali was constructed by —

(A) Vikramaditya

(B) Shur

(C) Sharab

(D) Bhimsen

Ans: (A)

  1. According to ancient history which God stayed in Chhattisgarh?

(A) Ram

(B) Krishna

(C) Vishnu

(D) Shiv

Ans: (A)

  1. Which tribal group is present in majority in Chhattisgarh?

(A) Oraon

(B) Gonds

(C) Kanwar

(D) Kamar

Ans: (B)

  1. Panthi dance, Nacha, Gond and Muria dance are famous dance of which state

(A) Harayana

(B) Kerala

(C) Chhattisgarh

(D) Rajasthan

Ans: (C)

  1. Pandwani singing, Chandeni,  and Bharthari are famous music of which state?

(A) Rajasthan

(B) Mizoram

(C) Kerala

(D) Chhattisgarh

Ans: (D)

  1. Pathoni songs of Chhattisgarh is sung on which occasion?

(A) Marriage

(B) Farewell

(C) Gauna

(D) Child Birth

Ans: (C)

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