Chhattisgarh: Human Development Index



Human development Index is published by UNDP every year. It indicated overall human development in terms of education, health, per capita income. In terms of HDI Chhattisgarh stands at the bottom of the HDI table. It is ranked 23rd among the HDI table with HDI score of 0.358

  1. Life Expectancy Index (LEI) =


LEI is 1 when Life expectancy at birth is 85 and 0 when Life expectancy at birth is 20.

  1. Education Index (EI) = MYSI + EYSI 2 /2

2.1 Mean Years of Schooling Index (MYSI) = MYS/15

Fifteen is the projected maximum of this indicator for 2025.


2.2 Expected Years of Schooling Index (EYSI) = EYS/18

Eighteen is equivalent to achieving a master’s degree in most countries.

  1. Income Index (II)

HDI= cube root(LEI*EI*II)


Education Index

With respect to literacy, the state fared just below the national average. The recent estimates from Census (2011) are also similar, with the literacy rate of 71% (81.4% Males & 60.5% Females), which is close to the all India literacy rate of 74%.

Chhattisgarh has an Education Index of 0.526 according to 2011 NHDR which is higher than that of the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, although lower than the national average of 0.563.

According to NSS (2007–08), the literacy rate for Scheduled Tribes (STs) and Scheduled Castes (SCs) was better than the corresponding national average.

Among the marginalized groups, STs are at the bottom of the rankings, further stressing the lack of social development in the state. Bastar and Dantewada in south Chhattisgarh are the most illiterate districts and the drop out ratio is the highest among all the districts. The reason for this is the extreme poverty in rural areas.

Health Index

Health Index of Chhattisgarh is less than 0.49, one of the lowest in the country. The Health Index is defined in terms of life expectancy at birth since a higher life expectancy at birth reflects better health outcomes for an individual.

The occurrence of female undernourishment in Chhattisgarh is higher than the national average—half of the ST females are famished.

The presentation of SCs is a little better than the corresponding national and state average. The Under Five Mortality Rate among STs is significantly higher than the national average. The percentage of under-weight children in Chhattisgarh is also higher than the national average, further emphasizing the appalling health condition of the state’s population.

Despite different health related schemes and programs, the health indicators such as percentage of women with BMI<18.5, Under Five Mortality Rate and underweight children are poor. This may be due to the difficulty in accessing the remote areas in the state.


Per capita Income

It is very less per person in the state as compared to other states and to the national average.

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