Chhattisgarh: Planned Development



Planned development is the very first need of any systematic developed state. It envisages the path for sustainable development including the environment and other biological factors.

Chhattisgarh is a new state which has born in 2000. Being a new born state it has challenge of systematic and planned development. The state has state planning commission which leads the way to planned development.

State Planning Commission(SPC)

The State Planning Board was constituted through Finance, Planning, Economics & Statistics Department’s resolution dated 10.01.2001 in pursuance of declared objectives of the Government to promote a rapid rise in the standard of living of the people by efficient exploitation of the resources of the state. The Chief Minister is the Chairman of the State Planning Board. In addition, there is one Vice Chairman.

Since 2010, State Planning Board is renamed State Planning Commission.

Reorganization of State Planning Commission, Chhattisgarh done in the year 2014 comprising of 4 government members (ministers), 5 non-government members, 2 permanent members, 1 part-time member and 3 permanent invitee members were included.

State Planning Commission has Constructed task forces on

  • Poverty Eradication
  • To ascertain the causes impending socio-economic growth of the state economy and to suggest measures for removing regional imbalance.
  • Agriculture, Environment, and related sectors
  • Industry, Skill Development, Employment in (Technical & Higher Education sector)
  • Social Sector

SPC have organized various workshops with civil society and UNICEF/UNDP to discuss the development of State, mainly “Jal Samvad 2015, CSR, Nutrition”. SPC is also taking help of higher education in research and assessment of policies. SPC is now preparing Youth Policy for state.

Bottom of FormAlthough the topography of state is very difficult, it is very difficult to develop whole state at the same rate. Yet government policies are targeting the remote areas to implement the overall and sustainable development. State has seen the uprising Naxalism and some other tribal problems.

Planned development in state has targeted on various phases which included the various sectors of the economy. More emphasis has been given on the primary sector because more than 80 % of the population lives in the villages. Also, power and industries are established to enhance secondary sector.

New capital city, Naya Raipur has been established with considering state of the art technology. It has used solar powered, green technology which emits zero carbon in the environment. This is a leading example of planned developed city for the rest of cities in India which has considered every aspect of modern renewable technology.


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