DMPQ- Write down the features of UPI 2.0

Unified payment interface project is to move the country towards a more cashless model. The objective is to achieve financial inclusion.

New features in UPI 2.0

  • Linking of overdraft account – Apart from the savings and current accounts, the UPI users can now link their overdraft account to it and all the facilities and benefits of overdraft account would be made available to the users.
  • One-time Mandate (account blocking) – It allows customers or merchants to pre-authorize a transaction and pay at a later date. It would also ensure that the customers do not miss the payments.
  • Invoice in the inbox – It allows the users to check the invoice sent by merchant in their own inbox prior to making the payments, thus allowing the customers to check the credentials beforehand.
  • Security Layer in QR – The app allows the users to scan the QR code and check the authenticity of the merchants through notification to the user to ascertain the information.
  • Increased Transaction Limit – The pre-existing transaction limit (1 lakh daily) has been raised to 2 lakh daily.


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