Explain in brief the societal and economic aspect of kalchuri dynasty?

There were two dynasties named kalchuris. The first rules central and western India. They are called Chedi or Haihay or Northern kalchuris.The second rules in south India. In the later part of 9th century shankargan  established kalchurui dynasty in Chattisgarh. Towards the end of 14th century kalchuri dynasty was divided into two branch. One branch was of Raipur and the other of Ratnapur. Kalchuri played an important role in the history of Chattisgarh. Their contribution towards the building of cultural heritage is impeccable. The Social and economic condition of the dynasty is summarised below:


  • Chattisgarh was divided into 36 garhs. Lowest unit of administration was village governed by Diwan, Dau or Gontia. Head of the city was called pur Pradhan.


  • Queens also played a part in governance. Women enjoyed high position in the society. Polygamy was practiced in important families. Sati was practiced but women were not forced into it. Practise of joint family system.



  • Rulers were patrons of art, literature etc. Rajshekhar was the famous poet. He wrote Vidhshalbhanjka and Kavya mimansa. Karpurmanjari is his famous play.


  • Kalchuris were follower of Shaivism



  • Main occupation comes from agriculture, animal husbandary and trade of which collection of minor forest produce and mining were important economic activities.


  • King was the owner of land. He used to collect taxes from the farmers. The measurement unit of land were Hal,Nivartan and vatak



  • The dantewada pillar inscription of princess masakdevi states that farmers should not be harassed for non payment of taxes and arrears.


  • Other sources of income were octroi, dhanya, dardranak, toll tax , gifts and revenue from feudal lords and allies.



  • Trade was mainly through currency. Gold and copper coins were in fashion.

Trade and industry were organised in shreni or guild system. Gold coins and copper coins were used. Gold coins were used during the reign of Jajalladev.


  • Jamabandi of kalyan sai(1544-81) was very popular and it predates the revenue model of todarmal. It was later used by britishers during first settlement in Bilaspur.




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