DMPQ- Discuss the pre-disaster preventive measures and post-disaster preventive measures in case of Earthquake.

Pre-disaster preventive measures

  • Re-framing buildings’ codes, guidelines, manuals and byelaws and their strict implementation .Tougher legislation for highly seismic areas.
  • Incorporating earthquake resistant features in all buildings in high-risk areas.
  • Making all public utilities like water supply systems, communication networks, electricity lines, earthquake-proof.
  • Creating alternative arrangements to reduce damages to infrastructure facilities.
  • Constructing earthquake-resistant community buildings and buildings (used to gather large groups during or after an earthquake) like schools, hospitals, prayer halls, etc., especially in seismic zones of moderate to higher intensities.
  • Supporting R&D in various aspects of disaster mitigation, preparedness and prevention and postdisaster management.

Post-disaster preventive measures

  • Maintenance of law and order, prevention of trespassing, looting etc.
  • Evacuation of people.
  • Recovery of dead bodies and their disposal.
  • Medical care for the injured.
  • Supply of food and drinking water.
  • Temporary shelters like tents, metal sheds etc.
  • Repairing lines of communication and information.
  • Restoring transport routes.
  • Quick assessment of destruction and demarcation of destroyed areas, according to the grade of damage


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