DMPQ-. Explain different types of rain.

They can be of various types depending upon the process of precipitation,  obstacles etc.

Convectional Rain

The, air on being heated, becomes light and rises up in convection  currents. As it rises, it expands and loses heat and consequently, condensation takes  place and cumulous clouds are formed. With thunder and lightening, heavy rainfall  takes place but this does not last long. Such rain is common in the summer or in the  hotter part of the day. It is very common in the equatorial regions and interior parts of  the continents, particularly in the northern hemisphere.  Whenever there is an ascending mass of air, it leads to more rain, whenever the air  descends, it leads to lower rains.

Orographic Rain

When the saturated air mass comes across a mountain, it is forced to  ascend and as it rises, it expands; the temperature falls, and the moisture is condensed.  The chief characteristic of this sort of rain is that the windward slopes receive greater  rainfall. After giving rain on the windward side, when these winds reach the other slope,  they descend, and their temperature rises. Then their capacity to take in moisture  increases and hence, these leeward slopes remain rainless and dry. The area situated on the leeward side, which gets less rainfall is known as the rain-shadow area. It is also  known as the relief rain.

Cyclonic Rain 

As in case of tropical and extra tropical cyclones.


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