dmpq-. Mention the major recommendations given by National Commission on Farmers .

The National Commission on Farmers’ findings and recommendations mainly focused on issues of access to resources and social security entitlements. It contains suggestions for inclusive growth of farmers and agriculture sector in India.

Recommendations of the National Commission on Farmers

Land Refroms

Land reforms are necessary to address the basic issue of access to land for both crops and livestock. Land holdings inequality is reflected in land ownership.  In 1991-92, the share of the bottom half of the rural households in the total land ownership was only 3% and the top 10% was as high as 54%.

Reforms in tenancy laws, land leasing, distribution of ceiling surplus land and wasteland, providing adequate access to common property and wasteland resources, and the consolidation of holdings.

Water Resources

Rainwater harvesting and aquifer recharge should be mandatory and farmers must be provided with financial assistance to invest in the replenishment of their renewable resource. This is the imperative need for conservation farming. Demand management through improved irrigation practices, including sprinkler and drip irrigation, should receive priority attention.


Livestock, including poultry, is the second major land-based livelihood, contributing 26% of the agricultural GDP in 2004-05. It is clear that livestock and livelihoods are very intimately related in our country and that crop-livestock integrated farming is the pathway to farmers’ well-being.


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