DMPQ- What is rainbow revolution ? Point out it’s importance for India’s Agriculture.

The earlier Green Revolution was centred on wheat and now what is required is a  comprehensive revolution, which covers the entire agriculture sector known as Rainbow  Revolution and it essentially means the following:

  • Agricultural activities to change from subsistence and livelihood activities to as a commercial venture with focus on productivity and profitability.
  • Crop diversification, commercialization, moving up the value addition chain.
  • Intensification of research and should ensure their effective dissemination amongst
  • Agricultural extension service, which is transmission of appropriate technology from lab to land, has virtually collapsed in India. Less than 1 per cent of farmers make use  of the extension services (Krishi Vigyan Kendra). Block level extension services are not  equipped with the latest advancements in technology. There is an urgent requirement  of their integration in the agriculture sector to close the knowledge gap.
  • Allowing modern science, biotechnology, organic farming to be blended within the agriculture sector.
  • Farmers to move away from two-crop cycle to shorter duration crops allowing for multiple cropping.
  • Stress on completion of irrigation projects to get more and more land under irrigation.
  • Increase both on and off farm employment. • Focusing on rural transportation.
  • The farmer should become the fulcrum and efforts made to improve his standards of living and in his prosperity, lies the prosperity of the agriculture sector and the Indian


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