DMPQ-Write a short note on Steppe Climate Vegetation.

Steppe Climatic region is also known as Temperate Grasslands. These grasslands are some of the most developed agricultural fields and are termed as grain baskets. Livestock ranching is another major activity carried out in these areas due to the availability of natural grasses.


  1. Steppes are found in the continental interiors. They are usually found in the temperate latitudes and hence come under the influence of Westerly winds.
  2. Steppes are characterized by vast grasslands that are, by and large, devoid of trees. Steppes typically refer to the vast temperate grasslands of Eurasia, which stretch between the Black Sea coast on the east to the Altai Mountains in the west, covering a length of over 2000 miles. The steppes occupy a vast area in north-west Africa, extending from the Atlantic coast of Morocco to northern Libya.
  3. Steppes become deserts when rainfall is below 100 mm per year and savannahs when it exceeds 300 mm per year. The temperatures are moderate to high (15°C–19°C), with low precipitation (100–300 mm per year) in no month surpassing the arid threshold (30 mm).
  4. Steppes are known by their regional names in different parts of the world. They include Prairies – North America, Pustaz – Hungary, Pampas – Argentina and Uruguay, Velds (High Veld)- South Africa, Downs – Australia, Canterbury – New Zealand
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