DMPQ-Write a short note on the Climatic Significance of Jet streams.

They have an immense influence on local and regional weather conditions.  There is a close relationship between the intensity of temperate cyclones and jet streams. Severe storms occur when Jet streams interfere with surface wind systems.  They also help in giving a relatively clear picture of the occurrence of the events of El Nino and La Nina

They are also used by aviators if they have to fly in the direction of the flow of the jet streams. But aviators avoid them when flying in the opposite direction of the jet streams because Jet streams are unpredictable can cause sudden movement even when the weather looks calm and clear.

The monsoon of South Asia is largely affected and controlled by Jet streams.  The monsoons also depend on the upper air circulation which is dominated by Sub Tropical Jet Streams.

The southwest monsoon in India is related to the tropical easterly stream which is between 8-35 degrees North latitudes. The northeast monsoon in the winters is related to the subtropical westerly Jet Stream which blows between 20-35 degree latitudes in both hemispheres.

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