DMPQ-Write an essay on the measurement of Earthquake waves.

Seismometers are the instruments which are used to measure the motion of the ground, which including those of seismic waves generated by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other seismic sources.

A Seismograph is also another term used to mean seismometer though it is more applicable to the older instruments. The recorded graphical output from a seismometer/seismograph is called as a seismogram.

There are two main scales used in the seismometers:

  • Mercalli Scale and
  • Richter Scale.

Mercalli Scale

The scale represents the intensity of earthquake by analyzing the after effects like how many people felt it, how much destruction occurred etc. The range of intensity is from 1-12.

Richter Scale

The scale represents the magnitude of the earthquake. The magnitude is expressed in absolute numbers from 1-10. Each whole number increase in Richter scale represents a ten times increase in power of an earthquake.

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