DMPQ: Discuss the role of INA in the freedom struggle. ( History)

Indian national army idea was conceived by Mohan singh, a prisoner of war, in Malaya. Japan provided the support.  A conference in Bangkok where Ras Behari bose was elected as president of the league and a decision was taken to raise the Indian National army or azad hind fauz to fight for India’s Independence. Finally S C bose took over as commander of INA.

                             Bose formed the provincial government of free India on 21st October, 1943. The role of Subhash Chandra Bose & his Indian National Army(INA), also known as Arzi-e-Hukumat Azad Hind Fauz have been a significant part of Indian Freedom Struggle. INA was an armed force organised by Bose in South Asia.

Its contributions:


  • Army for independence: First of such armed movement against mighty British empire which shook them to the core.
  • Self belief: INA gave us self belief that even Indians are not just nonviolence preachers and can strike if needed.
  • International support: It was able to get support from foreign nations making our independence an international
  • It arouse nationalism in Indian diaspora of Malaya, Singapore and amalgamated them.
  • Instilled sense of pride among prisoners of war to fight for right cause.
  • It launched a successful Burma campaign against allied forces and the frontier of India in Manipur in 1944.


Netaji’s INA could not be successful beyond Andaman and Nicobar and Imphal but it aroused a strong anti British sentiment. Army was an important tool for British empire to establish control but they were terrified and unsure if the same army would be there when needed. Undoubtedly Netaji’s INA was instrumental for achieving an independent India.



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