DMPQ- Explain how Tripuri congress session led to the foundation of Forward block.

Gandhi had retired from Congress in 1934 and Congress under Jawahar’s leadership has acquired a taste  of socialism and radicalism. Subhas was chosen unanimously in February 1938 session of Congress at  Haripura to built upon that trend. In that session under the leadership of Bose, Congress passed a  resolution to opposition to the impending imperialistic war.

However, Gandhi had a sympathetic corner for British in this  hour of difficulty and he also didn’t like the idea of Subhash to join the other European forces in a bid to  bring freedom to India. Other issue was Subhash’s plan for industrialized development, which Gandhi  opposed in favor of grass root level changes. These differences came in open in the next session of  Congress of 1939 in Tirupuri when Gandhi fielded Patabhai Sitaramaiya as candidate and he was  defeated and Bose re-elected.

Bose declared its opposition to fascism and imperialism alike and passed a resolution in this effect along  with a resolution demanding independence and forming a constituent assembly. He also openly criticized  moderate policies of Congress and called for an aggressive movement. This open criticism irked many  veterans and 12 of the working Committee members (out of 15) resigned and in the same year Govind  Vallabh Pant moved a resolution to form a new working committee under Gandhian leadership. The  resolution was passed and Bose stepped down from presidency.   Congress Socialist Party refrained from voting and Bose called it as a betrayal. He formed Forwards Block  in 1939, first as a part of Congress then parted ways with it.


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