Write a short note on : • Nasik conspiracy case • Alipore conspiracy case

Nasik conspiracy case:   On 21st of December, 1909 , A M T (Arthur Mason Tippets) Jackson the magistrate at Nasik was enjoying a theatre where a drama was staged in his honour on the evening of his transfer. A young man of Abhinav Bharat Society named Ananat Laxman Kanhere shot this indologist and “pandit” Jackson dead, in the theatre. This sensational murder is known as Nasik Conspiracy Case. 27 members of the Abhinav Bharat Society were convicted and punished. Ganesh Savarkar, brother of VD Savarkar was sent to Kala Pani.


Alipore conspiracy case: It was related to the attempt of killing douglas kingsford. The conspiracy was hatched by  Barindra ghose. Khudiram bose and Praful chaki were chosen for the task. The ‘Alipore Bomb Case’ was “the first state trial of any magnitude in India”. The British Government arrested Sri Aurobindo, a prominent Nationalist Leader at the time, Barindra Ghose, and many young revolutionaries. They were charged with “Conspiracy” or “waging war against the King” – the equivalent of high treason and punishable with death by hanging.

            The judgment was finally delivered by Judge Beachcroft on 6 May 1909 after a protracted trial of one year. Sri Aurobindo was acquitted of all charges with the Judge condemning the flimsy nature of the evidence against him. Of the thirty-seven prisoners on trial, Barindra Ghose, as the head of the Secret society of revolutionaries and Ullaskar Dutt, as the maker of bombs, were given the death penalty (later commuted to transportation for life), seventeen others were given varying terms of imprisonment or transportation and the rest were acquitted.


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