Quick Revision- Contribution of Indian Scientist

Contribution of Indian  Scientist:


Homi Jehangir BabaFather of Indian Nuclear Programme, Carried out first nuclear test 1974, Atomic energy establishment was renamed Bhabha Atomic research centre.
Venkatraman RamakrishnaIndian origin biologist cum scientist won nobel prize in 2009 in chemistry. He pioneered in the studies of the structure and function of the ribosome.
Jagdish Chandra BoseHe is considered as a pioneer in the field of investigation of radio and microwave optics. He was the first Indian scientist to receive the American Patent. He is famously known as father of Radiology.
Vikram SarabhaiFather of Indian Space programme. The ISRO facility for the launch of vehicle development which is located in Thiruvananthapuram was named in his memory.
APJ Abdul KalamCredited for making India’s first Indigenous Missile (SLV-III), Helped in placing Rohini satellite near the earths orbit, Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme was started under his leadership
S N BoseFamous for his work on quantum mechanics , Bose Einstein Condensate.
C V RamanFirst Indian scientist to win Nobel Prize. Carried out ground breaking in the field of light scattering  and invention also known as Raman effect.  He was awarded lenin peace Prize in 1957.
S ChandrashekharWorked on wide variety of astrophysical Problem. Important contribution to the contemporary understanding of stellar structure, their dynamics, understanding of white dwarfs, the quantum theory of Hydrogen anion.  Awarded Nobel Prize in 1983 for his study of Physical processes of importance to the structure and evolution of star.
Har Gobind KhuranaBiochemist of Indian Origin.  Awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1968 for research that showed the order of nucleotide in nucleic acid which carried the genetic code of cell, control the cell synthesis of Proteins.


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