CGPSC Final Result 2016

CGPSC declared the Final Result 2016 and the merit list of 863 student is declared by CGPSC.

The Merit List can be accessed by clicking Here

CGPSC Paper 1 Highest Marks- 143.5, CGPSC Paper 1 Lowest Marks- 66 and CGPSC Paper 1  Average Marks-112

CGPSC Paper 2 Highest Marks- 138, CGPSC Paper 2 Lowest Marks- 66 and CGPSC Paper 2  Average Marks-111

CGPSC Paper 3 Highest Marks- 119, CGPSC Paper 3 Lowest Marks- 66 and CGPSC Paper 3  Average Marks-82

CGPSC Paper 4 Highest Marks- 109, CGPSC Paper 4 Lowest Marks- 66 and CGPSC Paper 4  Average Marks-75

CGPSC Paper 5 Highest Marks- 116, CGPSC Paper 5 Lowest Marks- 66 and CGPSC Paper 5  Average Marks-85

CGPSC Paper 6 Highest Marks- 179, CGPSC Paper 6 Lowest Marks- 66 and CGPSC Paper 6  Average Marks-107

CGPSC Paper 7 Highest Marks- 128, CGPSC Paper 7 Lowest Marks- 66 and CGPSC Paper 7  Average Marks-95

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