DMPQ: Coalition is a reality and can’t be avoided in Indian context. Suggest the ways for coalitions to work. (Polity)

Coalition is a reality in a diverse country like India. Initially it was seen as a hurdle but Indian political system has done well to cope up with the demerits of Coalition system.  Although different party have varied ideology but they have certain minimum commonalities like removing poverty and unemployment. Here are the ways through which coalitions can work:


  • All political parties that propose to be part of a coalition grouping or front must declare their intention to do so prior to elections taking place.
  • Each coalition must publicly announce a common governance agenda, with indicative timeframe for specific deliverable before elections.
  • Pre identified coalition partners would be compulsorily committed to the declared Government agenda for a three year lock-in period.
  • The anti- defection law should be amended to bring in coalition partners under its ambit.
  • Coalitions should have common media policy.
  • All partners should observe coalition dharma- No partner should make untenable demand.

Coalition is  a reality and Political system shall accommodate the changes. Governance is the key function that should not take the back seat under the unstable clouds of coalition politics.


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