DMPQ-. How does Article 371 A makes Nagaland a special state.

Article 371-A makes the following special provisions for Nagaland :

  • The Acts of Parliament relating to the following matters would not apply to Nagaland unless the State Legislative Assembly so decides:
  • religious or social practices of the Nagas;
  • Naga customary law and procedure;
  • Administration of civil and criminal justice involving decisions according to Naga customary law; and
  • Ownership and transfer of land and its resources.
  • The Governor of Nagaland shall have special responsibility for law and order in the state so long as internal disturbances caused by the hostile Nagas continue. In the discharge of this responsibility, the Governor, after consulting the Council of Ministers, exercises his individual judgement and his decision is final. This special responsibility of the Governor shall cease when the President so directs.
  • The Governor has to ensure that the money provided by the Central Government for any specific purpose is included in the demand for a grant relating to that purpose and not in any other demand moved in the State Legislative Assembly.
  • A regional council consisting of 35 members should be established for the Tuensang district of the state. The Governor should make rules for the composition of the council, manner of choosing its members5, their qualifications, term, salaries and allowances; the procedure and conduct of business of the council; the appointment of officers and staff of the council and their service conditions; and any other matter relating to the constitution and proper functioning of the council.


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