DMPQ: What was the mandate of New education policy in India? Outline its salient features.

The Committee was constituted under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) in October,2015.  The report proposes an Education Policy, which seeks to address challenges faced by the current education system.  Key features of the proposed Policy are summarised below.

  1. Early childhood care and education was inconsistent across states. The committee recommended that ECCE for children from four to five years of age be declared as a right.
  2. The committee seek amendment in RTE Act, 2009. The Committee recommended that the RTE should be amended to provide uniform norms for recognition of both, government and private schools.
  3. To reduce the stress levels of students, the Committee proposed online on-demand board exams as opposed to year end exams.
  4. The Committee recommended the usage of scaled scores and percentiles instead of the traditional marking scheme. the Committee recommended that the policy of no detention should be upheld only till class five (age 11 years).
  5. setting up of an Autonomous Teacher Recruitment Board. It also recommended that teaching license should be subject to renewal every 10 years.  For teacher training, a four year integrated B.Ed. course should be implemented.
  6. It recommends expanding and revising the choice of vocational courses in accordance with local opportunities and resources.
  7. ALL India education service shall be created as All India service.
  8. National Higher education promotion and Management Act( NHEPMA) would replace the existing separate UGC and AICTE.
  9. National accreditation board will be subsume the existing accreditation bodies of national assessment and accreditation council and the national board of accreditation and set standards for accreditation.
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