DMPQ:Directive Principles of States Policy is not an effective tool and they are just constitutional instrument without much substance. Discuss.

DPSP prima facie appears to be not an effective tool as they are non justiciable, non enforceable unlike Fundamental rights. Further their implementation are at the will of the Politicians and law makers.  But outright rejection of DPSP and terming them ineffective will be injustice to the constitution makers. They have their own benefits:

  1. Dr Ambedkar termed that no political party can take the courage of overlooking DPSP.
  2. DPSP gives an overall objectives of each and every party contesting for power.
  3. It acts as the common manifesto. Citizen can test the work on the basis of work done to achieve dpsp.
  4. DPSP over the period of time are getting into laws and hence getting statutory obligation. Example Right to Education getting statutory obligation.
  5. They along with Fundamental Rights are fundamental to the governance and it helps in the creation of welfare state.
  6. They act as guiding force to the judiciary. It helps in the validation of law during Judicial review.


Hence DPSP has its own intrinsic value and they cannot be overlooked. Dr Ambedkar rightly said that political justice is futile if it is not accompanied with social and economic Justice.

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