Aligarh Movement Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan
Deoband Represented  by  Mohammad  Qasim  Nanautavi  &  Rashid  Ahmad  Gangohi.
Movement Nanautavi founded the ‘Dar-ul-Ullema’ madrasa at Deoband. This movement was
  strictly  based  on  Islamic  tradition unlike liberal  Aligarh movement.   The  also
  promulgated a fatwa against Sayyid Ahmad’s associations. In 1919, Mufti Liyaqat
  Ullah  Sahib  founded  the,  ‘Jamaitul  Ulema-i-Hind’  to  further  work  in  this
  direction. His role was prominent in the Khilafat movement.
Muslim League Nawab Wakar-ul-Mulk presided over a gathering at the invitation of Nawab Salim
  Ullah of Dacca. Muslim league was the result. The constitution of the league was
  prepared in 1907 at Karachi. The first session of the league was held in 1908 at
  Amritsar. The same year Aga Khan became the president. The league supported
  partition of Bengal & was a loyalist organization. After 1913 Aga Khan left the
  league which led to the emergence of new leaders like Muhammad Ali, Shaukat
  Ali & M.A. Ansari.
Home Rule League Estd by Annie Besant at Madras in September 1916. She was the president &
  other   members   included   Arundale,   P.C.   Ramaswamy   Iyer,   V.P.   Wadia.
  Balgangadhar Tilak had estd another Home Rule League in April 1916 at Pune.
Champaran European  planters  forced  the  farmers  to  cultivate  Indigo  on  atleast  3/20
Satyagraha 1917 (Tinkathiya) parts of their land. Rajendra Prasad, Mazhur-ul-Haq, J.B. Kriplani,
  Mahadev Desai accompanied him. An enquiry was set up to alleviate miseries of
  which even Gandhi was a member.
Kheda Satyagraha Kheda peasants refused to pay revenue due to failure of crops. After Satyagraha




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