DMPQ: Discuss the Rina tradition of India and explain briefly various types of Rina. (Indian sociology)

In Hinduism, everybody is born with certain social debts which must repaid during lifetime and usually  in Grihastha Stage. It is a kind of social debt. The relevance of Rina tradition lies in the fact that if Rina are paid according to Dharma one is eligible for moksha. There are following types of Rina are there:

Types of rina

  • Rishi rina
    • Debt towards teacher.
    • Repaid through:
      • Guru Dakshina
      • Sharing of knowledge: whatever learnt must be shared with others.
    • Deva rina
      • Rina towards Gods and Goddesses.
      • In Hinduism: before human birth, many other births of insects, animals, plants etc. Due to grace of God, we have got the life of human being. So, one owes to Gods and Goddesses.
      • Repaid through:
        • Everyday one has to recite shlokas from religious scriptures.
      • Pitririna
        • Rina towards parents because they have given birth to us.
        • Repaid through:
          • Elderly parents should be taken care of according to one’s capacity.
          • When parents are dead, Shraddh should be preformed.
          • Give birth to the children and they should be taken care of according to their capacity.
        • Atithirina
          • Atithi: Anyone comes to your home without date.
          • Whenever he comes: he should be treated as atithi.
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