DMPQ- Family as an institution is getting affected by the changes in society. Discuss the changes in the family and the causes of the changes.

Family is a smallest basic social unit which performs various functions like biological, psychological, economical etc. The form and the characteristics of the families are changing.


  • Joint family to nuclear family.
  • Concept of single mother, single father.
  • Supreme court has given legal sanction to live in couple as family.

The reasons for the changes in the family system are

  • In search of Job, members of the family move outside and start to live there and hence family become independent unit.
  • The urge of individualism is against the traditional joint family system.
  • Effect of globalisation, urbanisation has effect on the pattern of family.
  • Now nuclear family are producing less offspring i.e. not more than 2 which is also putting restriction on the size of the family.
  • Effect of Westernisation and modernisations has also affected the family structure.
  • Cost of living has increased in urban areas which compelled lower size of the family.


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