Chhattisgarh: Government Schemes and Projects

  Some of the recent Government schemes and projects are listed below: Chhattisgarh YuvaSuchnaKrantiYojna: Chhattisgarh state government has proclaimed “Chhattisgarh YuvaSuchnaKrantiYojana 2017” under which it will provide free smartphones to the youth in the state. The state government has announced the scheme to promote digitization in the state and making the youth digitally literate.Under the … Read more

Chhattisgarh: Industrial Policy

  Industrial policy of any state paves the way to development in particular direction with a specific thought process.   The first Industrial Policy of Chhattisgarh state was unveiled on November 1, 2001. The second Industrial Policy was introduced on November 1, 2004 with a validity of five years. The Third Industrial Policy was implemented … Read more