DMPQ- Outline the difference between the Hindustani and Carnatic Music.

Difference between Hindustani and Carnatic Music: Carnatic music is a system of music associated with the southern part of the Indian subcontinent. Hindustani music is associated with North India and is deeply influenced by the Persian and Islamic music systems. Hindustani music is raga based while Carnatic is Kriti-based. Hindustani music stresses pure notes versus … Read more

DMPQ-The defect of the Regulating Act of 1773 and the urgency of the British Politics necessitated the passing of Pitt’s India Act in 1784. In the light of statement Write down the salient features of the Pitts India Act.

For political matters, the Board of Control was created and for commercial affairs, the Court of Directors was appointed. The Board of Control took care of civil and military affairs. It comprised of 6 people: Secretary of State (Board President) Chancellor of the Exchequer Four Privy Councillors In this dual system of control, the company … Read more

DMPQ- What was the motive behind Irwin declaration?

The Irwin Declaration was a statement made by Lord Irwin, then Viceroy of India, on 31 October 1929 regarding the status of India in the British empire. It was intended to placate leaders of the Indian nationalist movement who had become increasingly vocal in demanding dominion status for India. The Declaration was a five-line statement … Read more

DMPQ- The 19th century began witnessing a growing discontent against the British rule in India. In that milieu Nationalist literature developed. Write some of the contribution of National Literature in freedom struggle.

The 19th century began witnessing a growing discontent against the British rule in India. This gave birth to an organized national movement. Inspired by this movement, there emerged a corpus of literature which in turn contributed to the growth and spread of nationalist sentiments across different regions of the country as well as among the … Read more

DMPQ-Write a short note on Indian national social conference.

Indian (National) Social Conference was founded by M.G. Ranade and Raghunath Rao. It was virtually the social reform cell of the Indian National Congress. Its first session was held in Madras in December 1887. The Conference met annually as a subsidiary convention of the Indian National Congress, at the same venue, and focused attention on … Read more

DMPQ- Explain Harijan Seva sangh

It is an all India Non-Governmental Organization founded by Mahatma Gandhi on September 30, 1932, following a large public meeting held in Bombay under the Presidentship of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya. The meeting was prompted by the epic fast of Gandhiji in Yervada Jail near Poona in protest against the nefarious design of Communal Award, … Read more

DMPQ- ODISSA school of Architecture.

Architecture in Odisha found its supreme expression in the form of temples, some of which are among, finest in the country. o Of these, three are most famous the Lingaraja temple at Bhubaneswar (11th century), the Jagannath Temple at Puri (12th century) and the great Sun Temple at Konark (13th century). These three cities form … Read more

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