04-05.10.20 Daily CGPSC (Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Centre’s Rs 1.8 crore infusion to uplift Chhattisgarh handicrafts   From providing skill training to creating jobs and coordinating with the Centre for fund infusion, the state village industries department is working actively to strengthen rural economy amid ongoing Corona crisis. Recently, the Centre has approved Rs 1.8 crore for various new programmes under the Chhattisgarh Handicrafts Development Board.   … Read more

03.10.20 Daily CGPSC (Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Chhattisgarh to launch social security scheme for tendu leaf collectors Chhattisgarh government is introducing a social security scheme for the tribals engaged in the plucking of beedi leaves from the forests. The scheme is to be named after slain Congress leader Mahendra Karma, who was killed along with other frontline Congress leaders in a deadly Maoist ambush … Read more

02.10.20 Daily CGPSC (Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Chhattisgarh leading state to recognise community & individual forest land rights Chhattisgarh is the leading state in the country in terms of distribution of community and individual forest rights papers. Over 4.84 lakh individual and community forest rights papers have been distributed in Chhattisgarh, while 2.56 lakh forest rights papers in both categories in the neighbouring Madhya Pradesh, … Read more

01.10.20 Daily CGPSC (Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Tribals in Chhattisgarh get urban forest land rights Chhattisgarh  became the first state to hand over urban forest land rights, under the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers Act 2006, to tribals. The process has begun with Jagdalpur municipal corporation in Bastar giving away the rights to 11 of its tribal residents. There are about … Read more

30.09.20 Daily CGPSC (Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH PM Modi to award Chhattisgarh for Swachh survey success   Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented the Swachh Survekshan 2020 award to Chhattisgarh for cleanliness.   Chhattisgarh will be awarded as a state, and 14 cities — Ambikapur, Dhamtari, Jashpur Nagar, Patan, Bhilai, Birgaon, Bhilai-Charauda, Chirmiri, Kawardha, Champa, Pipariya, Akaltara, Narharpur and Saragaon — will also be felicitated for their outstanding performance. … Read more

29.09.20 Daily CGPSC (Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Naya Raipur will soon see a film city The film industry of Chhattisgarh, known as Chhollywood is a thriving film industry in Central India that makes cinema in Chhattisgarhi language. It was established in 1965 with the release of first Chhattisgarhi film ‘Kahi Debe Sandesh’, which was watched by then prime minister Indira Gandhi. In early … Read more

28.09.20 Daily CGPSC (Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Chhattisgarh CM announces fund for donations for Ram Van Gaman Path Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Baghel  said that a dedicated fund will be constituted for people to contribute towards the development of his government’s ambitious Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit project. Vehicles fitted with LED screen will be used for the extensive publicity of the project … Read more

26-27.09.20 Daily CGPSC (Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Chhattisgarh CM announces scheme for school students Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel announced to launch a special scheme under which school students will be able to learn in their respective localities in view of the suspension of classes due to the coronavirus outbreak. The online education platform ‘Padhai Tunhar Duar’ scheme launched by the … Read more

25.09.2020 Daily CGPSC (Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs

  CHHATTISGARH Chhattisgarh CM seeks Rs 736 crores from Centre for Covid-19 hospitals Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Baghel has sought Rs 736.74 crore from Centre for operating Covid dedicated hospitals and Covid centres running in state and for immediate supply of resources required for curbing and prevention of the virus. Chief minister further wrote that presently, arrangements for … Read more

24.09.2020 Daily CGPSC (Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Chhattisgarh ranks 7th in juvenile offences, 10th in crime against children Chhattisgarh has a worrisome situation on crime committed by juveniles as it ranks seventh in the nation competing with Bihar, Gujarat and Rajasthan, with 1,647 cases reported against juveniles in conflict with law. The state has recently witnessed many incidents of rapes with … Read more

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