Question Paper IV- General Studies II- CGPSC Mains Updated/lattest

PART – 01 General Science:-

CHEMISTRY :-Rate of chemical reaction and chemical elqulibruim : Preliminary knowledge of rate of chemical reaction.. Fast and slow chemical reactions. Metals – Position of metals in the periodic table and general properties. Metal, mineral ore. Difference between mineral and ore. Metallurgy concentration, roasting, smelting, refining of ores. Metallurgy of copper and Iron. corrosion of metals. Alloys. Nonmetals – Position of nonmetals in the periodic table.and general Properties. Some important organic compounds , some general artifical polymers, polythene, polyvinyl choloride. Teflon soap and detergents. 

PHYSICS :- Light – nature of light reflection of light, laws of reflection, reflection from plane and curved surface, image formation by plane convex and concave mirror, relation between focal length and radius of curvature,,
electric discharge in gases, causes of origin of energy in the Sun, Electricity and its effects -electric intensity, potential, potential difference, electric curent Ohm’s law. Resistance specfic resistance, influencing factors, combination of resistance and related numerical examples, thermal effect of current it’s use, calculation of power and electrical energy spent. (numerical) precautions observed in electric experiments, Photo electric
effect, Solar Cell, Structure, PN Junction, Diode,

BIOLOGY :- Transport-Transport of mineral and water in plants and animals [in context of human being], structure and function of blood, structure and working of heart, [preliminary knowledge], Photosynthesis-
Definition, main steps of the process. light reaction and dark reaction, Respiration – Definition, respiratory organs of animals breathing and respiration,Types of respiration, Aerobic and anaerobic respiration,, respiratory system of human being and mechanism of respiration, Human digestive system and digestive process [General information]. Control and coordinationNervous system of human being. Structure and function of human Brain and spinal cord, coordination in plants and animal Phytoharmones, endocrine glands harmone and their function. Reproduction and growth – type of reproduction Asexual reproduction fission, budding, regeneration, vegetative reproduction, layering, cutting, grafting, Porthenogenesis, sexual reproduction in plants, structure of flower and reproduction process [general information] pollination fertilization. Human reproductive system and reproduction process. Heredity and evolution – heredity and variation. basis of heredity chromosome and DNA [preliminary information]

PART – 02 Aptitude Test, Logical Reasoning, Mental Ability :-
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of rational numbers. Finding the rational number between two rational numbers. Ratio and Proportion – definition, properties, aternendo, invertendo, componendo etc. and their uses. Commercial Mathematics – Banking, calculation of interest on/in savings account, fixed deposit account and recurring deposit account. Calculation of income tax (for salaried person and excluding house rent allowance). Factorization, LCM, HCF. Vedic Mathematis- addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and checking the answer through bijank. Square, square roots, cube, cube roots, vinculam and its application. The application of vedic mathematics methods in algebra etc., Introduction and creativity of Indian Mathematician – in reference with Aryabhata, Yaraha mihira, Brahma gupta, Bhaskaracharya, Shrinivas Ramanujan. Mathematical operations, Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, order of magnitudes etc.). Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc.) and analysis of data. Arithmetic mean. Median. Mode. Probability. Question related to addition and multiplication theorem on probability. Applied mathematics – Profit and Loss, Percentage, lnterest and Averages. Time, speed, distance, river and boat. Analog Test, Odd word, Odd pair of words, Coding & Decoding Test, Relation Test, Alphabet Test, Mathematical Operations, Logical analysis of words, Inserting the missing number or word, Assertion and Reason, Situation reaction test, Figure series, Deletion of elements, General Mental ability.

PART – 03 Applied & Behavioural Science:-
Role of Information Technology in Rural India, basic knowledge of computers, computers in communication and broadcasting, software development for economic growth. Broad applications of IT. Energy Resources : Energy demands, renewable and nonrenewable energy resources, the development and utilization of nuclear energy in the country. Science & Technology developments in India in present, origin of agriculture, Progress of Agricultural Science and its impacts, Crop science in India, Fertilizers, Control of pests and disease scenario in India. Bio-diversity and its conservation – General introductiondefination, species and genetic diversity, Bio-geographic classification of India, Importance of BioDiversity – Constructive and Distructive application, Importance of social, moral and alternative vision, Global, National and Local level Bio-diversity, India as a wide diversity nation, Hotspots of Biodiversity, threats to biodiversity,, loss of habitat, damage to wildlife, humans and wild animals conflict, lndia’s threatened,endangered and endemic species, Conservation of bio-diversity, Topological and Nontopological conservation. Enviromental pollution – Reason effect and conservation – Air pollution, water pollution, see pollution, soil pollution, sound/noise pollution, thermal pollution, nuclear pollution. Solid waste managment – Urban and Industrial solid waste management: reason, effect and control, Human role in pollution control.

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