Prelims Test Series

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Program will include following notes modules:-

  1. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 1- Indian History
  2. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 2- Chhattisgarh Culture and History
  3. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 3- General Science
  4. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 4- Aptitude and Reasoning
  5. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 5- Indian Economy
  6. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 6-Chhattisgarh Economy
  7. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 7 -Environment
  8. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 8- Polity
  9. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 9- Chhattisgarh Polity ,Governance and Schemes
  10. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 10- : Geography
  11. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 11-Chhattisgarh Geography
  12. Crack CGPCS Prelims Module 12 Current Affairs

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Test 1History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of ChhattisgarhSample (20 Ques)
Test 2Indian History-Ancient PeriodSample (20 Ques)
Test 3Indian History-Medieval PeriodSample (20 Ques)
Test 4Indian History-Modern PeriodSample (20 Ques)
Test 5World GeographySample (20 Ques)
Test 6Geography of IndiaSample (20 Ques)
Test 7Geography of ChhattisgarhSample (20 Ques)
Test 8Indian Constitution, Political System &GovernanceSample (20 Ques)
Test 9Economic Concepts and Indian EconomySample (20 Ques)
Test 10Economy of ChhattisgarhSample (20 Ques)
Test 11Science & TechnologySample (20 Ques)
Test 12Reasoning & Mental AbilitySample (20 Ques)
Test 13Current AffairsSample (20 Ques)
Test 14EnvironmentSample (20 Ques)
Test 15Complete SyllabusSample (20 Ques)
Test 16Complete SyllabusSample (20 Ques)
Test 17Complete SyllabusSample (20 Ques)
Test 18Complete SyllabusSample (20 Ques)
Test 19Complete SyllabusSample (20 Ques)
Test 20Complete SyllabusSample (20 Ques)
Test 21Complete SyllabusSample (20 Ques)
Test 22Complete SyllabusSample (20 Ques)
Test 23Complete SyllabusSample (20 Ques)
Test 24Complete SyllabusSample (20 Ques)


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