Question Paper VI- General Studies IV- CGPSC Mains Updated/latest

PART 01 Philosophy:-

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Nature of Philosophy, its relationship between religion and culture, difference between lndian and Western Philosophy, Veda and Upanishada-Brahman, Atman, Rit, Philosophy of Gita – Sthitpragya,
Swadharma,Karmayoga, Philosophy of Charvaka-Epistemology. Metaphysics, Hedonism. Philosophy of Jain – Nature of Jiva, Anekantvada, Syadavada. Panchamahavrata, Philosophy of Buddha –
Pratityasamutpada.Ashtanga Marg. Anatmavada, Kshanikvada, Philosophy of Samkhya – Satkaryavada. nature of Prakriti and Purusha, Vikasavada, Philosophy of Yoga – Ashtanga Yoga, Philosophy of Nyaya Prama. Aprama. Asatkaryavada. Philosophy of Vaisheshika – Parmanuvada, Philosophy of Mimamsa Dharma,Theory of Apurva, Philosophy of Advaita Vedanta- Brahman,Maya, Jagat, Moksha. Kautilya Theory of Saptanga. theory of Mandal, Gurunanak – Social-ethical philosophy. Guru Ghasidas – Characteristics of Satnam Pantha, Vallabhacharya – Pushtimarga, Swami Vivekananda – Practical Vedanta, Universal Religion, Sri Aurbindo –
intergral yoga, supermind Mahatma Gandhi Ahimsa Satyagraha, elevan vows. Bhimrao Ambedkar – Social Thought,Deendayal Upadhyay – Ekatma manav darshan. Plato – Virtus. Aristotle – Theory of Causation. Saint Anselm Ontological argument for the existance of God, Descaftes – method of doubt, I think therefore I am, Spinoza – Substance’ Pantheism’ Leibnitz – theory of Monad. Theory of Pre – stablished harmony. Locke -epistemology.Berkeley – esse est percipii, Hume – Scepticism, Kant – Criticism, Hegel – Phenomenology and spirit, dialectical Idealism” Bradley – Idealism.Moore – Realism. A.J. Ayar – verification theory, John dewey – Pragmatism, Saftre – Existentialism, Meaning of Religion, Nature of Philosophy of Religion. Religious tolerance, secularism, problem of evil. Ethical Values and ethical Dilemma,ethical elements in Administration- Honesty,
Responsibility, Transparency, Code of conduct for Public Servants. Corruption – Meaning, Types. Cause and Effect, Efforts to remove corruption. Relevence of whistle-blower.

PART 02 SociologY:-
Sociology – Sociology- Meaning, Scope and nature, Importance of its study. Relation with other Social Sciences. Primary Concepts – Society, Community, Association, Institution, Social group, Folkways and Mores. Individual and Society – Social interactions, Status and role, Culture and Personality, Sociolization. Hindu Social Organization – Religion, Asharm, Varna, Purusharth. Social Stratification – Caste and Class. Social Processes – Social Interaction, Co-operation, Struggle, Competition. Social Control and Social Change – Sources and agencies of Social Control, Processes and factors of Social Change. Indian Social Problems, Social disorganization-Anomie and Alienation, Inequality. Social Research and Techniques -Objective of Social Research, Use of scientific method to study of Social Phenomena, Problems of objectivity. Tools and techniques of data collection- Observation, Interview, Questionnaire, Schedule.

PART 03 Social Aspect of Chhattisgarh:-
Tribal social organization : Marriage, Family, Clan, youth dormitories. Tribal Development : History, Programmes and Policies, The Constitutional Safeguards, Special Primitive Tribes of Chhattisgarh, Other Tribes, Schedule Cast and Other Backword Class of Chhattisgarh. Main Ornaments popular in tribes of Chhattisgarh, Special traditions. Tribal Problems : Isolation Migration and acculturation. Art of Chhattisgarh–Folk arts of Chhattisgarh, Folk literature and Prominent Folk Artists of Chhattisgarh, Folk songs of Chhattisgarh, Folk legend, Folk theater, Idioms and Proverbs, Puzzle/ riddle (tuÅyk), Singing (gkuk), Literary, Music and Art Institutions of Chhattisgarh, Chhattisgarh State awards and Regards in these fields. Folk culture of Chhattisgarh. Major Fairs and Festivals of Chhattisgarh. Protected Archaeological monuments, sites and excavated sites in State. Tourism places marked by chhattisgarh Govt’, National Sanctuaries and Waterfalls and caves of Bastar. Major sants of Chhattisgarh.

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