Union Budget 2019- Key highlights and analysis

The key highlights of union Budget 2019 are  given below : A 10-point Vision for the decade Building Team India with Jan Bhagidari Minimum Government Maximum Governance. To Achieve green Mother Earth and Blue Skies through a pollution-free India. Making Digital India reach every sector of the economy. Launching Gaganyan, Chandrayan, other Space and Satellite … Read more

07-08.03.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPSC) Daily Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Mineral fund to boost development   The state government has decided to widen the scope of development works that can be allowed under District Mineral Trust Fund (DMF). Now the fund can be utilized for upgrading education, health, drinking water and agriculture sectors.   Earlier, the fund was utilized for mainly infrastructure purposes. The … Read more

06.07.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPSC) Daily Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Progress So Far (2003 – 2018) in Health sector   Increase in the number of Primary Health Care centres from 513 to 793, and Secondary Healthcare Facilities from 3818 to 5186.   Anganwadis have been empowered to act as the primary source of nutrition, health awareness, and other basic services for women, children, and … Read more

05.07.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPSC) Daily Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Special Schemes For Adolescent Girls   Kishori Shakti Yojana   Health and wellbeing of teenage girls is a key focus area for the Government of India. Kishori Shakti Yojana was launched by the Chhattisgarh government for the benefit of adolescent girls. The program is run under the auspices of the Ministry of Women & … Read more

04.07.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPSC) Daily Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Schemes For Children Chief Minister Bal Sandarbh Yojana Eradicating malnutrition among children is a long-term goal of the Chhattisgarh government. Timely medical check-ups and medical counselling/intervention at the block level is crucial to achieving this.  The government provides these services for free, at the block level in vulnerable areas of the state. Nearly 4 … Read more

02.07.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPSC) Daily Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH Southern states focus of govt’s planned ‘decisive push’ against Maoists The intensity of operations against left-wing extremists across the country will be increased in the coming days, ministry of home affairs said on the condition of anonymity. “There will be a decisive push” against the rebels, also known as Maoists The Maoist movement has … Read more

01.07.19 Chhattisgarh (CGPSC) Daily Current Affairs

CHHATTISGARH General Schemes in Chhattisgarh   Mukhyamantri Swasthya Beema Yojana (MSBY)   Chhattisgarh became the first state in India to provide medical insurance to the tune of ₹50,000 for all citizens with this particular scheme. This Chief Minister Health Insurance scheme offers health coverage for the entire family. The National Health Insurance Scheme called RSBY … Read more