Classification of climates, (Koppen and Thornthwaite)


Climatic Regions of India : Koeppen’s Classification
Climate Type Climatic Region Annual Rainfall in the Region
(Monsoon type with shorter dry winter season)
Western coastal region, south of Mumbai over 300 cm
(Monsoon type with dry season in high sun period)
Coromandel coast = Coastal Tamil Nadu and adjoining areas of Andhra Pradesh 75 – 100 cm

[wet winters, dry summers]
(Tropical Savanah type)
Most parts of the peninsular plateau barring Coromandel and Malabar coastal strips 75 cm
(Semi-arid Steppe type)
Some rain shadow areas of Western Ghats, large part of Rajasthan and contiguous areas of Haryana and Gujarat 12 to 25 cm
(Hot desert type)
Most of western Rajasthan less than 12 cm
(Monsoon type with dry winters)
Most parts of the Ganga Plain, eastern Rajasthan, Assam and in Malwa Plateau 100 – 200 cm
(Cold, Humid winters type with shorter summer)
Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Assam ~200 cm
(Tundra Type)
Mountain areas of Uttarakhand

The average temperature varies from 0 to 10°C

Rainfall varies from year to year.
(Polar Type)
Higher areas of Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh in which the temperature of the warmest month varies from 0° to 10°C Precipitation occurs in the form of snow






Climatic Regions of India : Trewartha’s Classification

Climate Type Climatic Region Other Cliamatic Condtions
(Tropical Rain Forest)
Western coastal region, Sahayadris and parts of Assam 200 cm annual rainfall  &

18.2 C to 29 C temperature


(Tropical Savanna)

Peninsular India except the semi arid zone 150 cm annual rainfall &  18 C-32 C temperature
(Tropical Savanah type)
Most parts of the peninsular plateau barring Coromandel and Malabar coastal strips 75 cm
(Semi-arid Steppe type)
Runs southwards from central Maharashtra to Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh 40-75 cm annual rainfall & 20-32 C temperature
(Tropical and subtropical Steppe)
Ranges from Punjab to Kutch Annual temperature 35 C & 30-60 cm annual rainfall
(Tropical Desert)
Western parts of Barmer, Jaiselmer and Bikaner and parts of Kutch Annual Temperature 35 C & annual rainfall 25 cm

(Humid Subtropical Climate with dry winters)

It ranges from Punjab to Assam Rainfall from 100-150 cm
H (Mountain Climate) Mountain areas of Himalayas including Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh The average temperature varies from 0 to 10°C.


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