DMPQ- Explain the relationship between monsoon and economic life in India.

Monsoon is that axis around which revolves the entire agricultural cycle of India. It is because about 64 per cent people of India depend on agriculture for their livelihood and agriculture itself is based on southwest monsoon.

  • Except Himalayas all the parts of the country have temperature above the threashold level to grow the crops or plants throughout the year.
  • Regional variations in monsoon climate help in growing various types of crops.
  • Variability of rainfall brings droughts or floods every year in some parts of the country.
  • Agricultural prosperity of India depends very much on timely and adequately distributed rainfall. If it fails, agriculture is adversely affected particularly in those regions where means of irrigation are not developed.
  • Sudden monsoon burst creates problem of soil erosion over large areas in India.
  • Winter rainfall by temperate cyclones in north India is highly beneficial for rabi crops.
  • Regional climatic variation in India is reflected in the vast variety of food, clothes and house types.


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