DMPQ:What are the compulsory provisions for 73rd amendment act?

73rd amendment act gave the constitutional sanctity to the panchayat. IT was the landmark event in Indian constitutional History. The amendment had certain compulsory provisions and some voluntary provisions.


Compulsory Provisions are as follows:

  • Organisation of Gram sabha
  • Creation of 3 tier panchayati raj at District, Block & Village level
  • All the seats in panchayati raj shall be filled by people chosen by direct
  • elections from territorial constituencies in panchayat areas
  • Minimum age for contesting for elections to panchayats is 21 years, for
  • fixed 5 years tenure
  • Reservation of seats for SC/ ST in panchayats shall be in proportion oftheir population
  • Reservation of women in Panchayats is upto 33 %
  • Each state is to constitute a state election commission to conduct
  • elections & state finance commission every 5 years to review financialpositions of the panchayats


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