Question Paper VI- General Studies IV- CGPSC Mains Updated/latest

PART – 01 Welfare, Development Programme & Laws:-

1. Social and Important Legislation – Indian Society. Social legislation as a form of a mean of social transform. Human Rights Protection Legislation 1993. Protection granted to Females (CRPC) under Indian Constitution & Criminal Law (Penal Code). Protection Act 2005 to Females from Domestic Violation, Civil Rights Protection Act 1955. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Atrocity Protection Law 1989. Right to Information Act 2005,Environment Protection Act 1986, Consumer Protection Act Information Technology Act 2000. Corruption Prevention Act 1988

2. In Reference to Chhattigarh: Customary Various Laws and Acts in Chhattisgarh and their welfare and developmental impact on residents of Chhattisgarh’

3. Welfare Schemes of Chhattisgarh Government: Customary welfare. People-oriented and Important Schemes introduced in various times by Chhattisgarh Government.

PART- 02 International & National Sports, Events & Organisation:-
United Nations and its Associated Organizations. International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Asian Bank, SAARC BRICS. Other Bilateral and Regional Groups. World Trade Organization and its impact on India. National and International Sports and Competition

PART – 03 International & National Educational Institute & their Role of Human Development :-
Availability of Skilled Human Resources, Employability and Productivity of Human Resources. Various Trends of Employment. Role of Various Institutions and Councils in Human Resources Development as- Higher Education and National Commission for Research. National Educational Research and Training Council. National Educational Schemes and Administration University, University Grants Commission. Open University, All India Technical Education Council, National Education Teacher Council, National Vocational Education Council. Indian Agriculture Research Council. Indian Institute of Technology. Indian Institute of Management. National Institute of Technology, National Law University, Polytechnique and I.T.I.. Education in Human Resource Development, a mean Universal/Equal Elementary Education. Higher Education and Technical Education. Quality of Vocational Education. Issues related to Girls Education. Deprived Class. Issues related to Disabled People.


 FAQs on Question Paper VI- General Studies IV- CGPSC Mains Updated/latest of Chhattisgarh

What is the syllabus for General Studies IV in CGPSC Mains?

The syllabus for General Studies IV covers two main subjects: Philosophy and Sociology. The Philosophy section includes topics such as Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy, and Contemporary Philosophical Issues. The Sociology section covers topics like Sociological Thinkers, Social Structure, Social Change, and Social Issues in India. For a detailed and updated syllabus, refer to the official CGPSC notification.

 Where can I find previous years’ question papers for General Studies IV?

Previous years’ question papers for General Studies IV can be found on various online platforms such as:

  • Official CGPSC website: Look for the “Model Papers” or “Previous Years Papers” section.
  • Coaching institute websites: Many coaching institutes provide previous years’ papers as part of their study material.
  • Online forums and websites: Several websites and online forums dedicated to CGPSC preparation offer previous years’ papers for download.

What is the weightage of General Studies IV in CGPSC Mains?

General Studies IV carries 200 marks, similar to the other General Studies papers in the CGPSC Mains examination.

 How should I prepare for General Studies IV?

To prepare effectively for General Studies IV, follow these steps:

  1. Understand the syllabus thoroughly: Go through the official syllabus and identify the key topics and subtopics.
  2. Refer to standard textbooks: Consult standard textbooks for both Philosophy and Sociology to build a strong foundation of concepts.
  3. Analyze previous years’ papers: Solve previous years’ papers to understand the question patterns, types of questions asked, and the depth of knowledge required.
  4. Make concise notes: Prepare short and crisp notes of important concepts, thinkers, theories, and current events related to both subjects.
  5. Practice answer writing: Regularly practice writing answers to develop your writing skills and improve time management during the exam.
  6. Join a test series: Enroll in a mock test series to assess your preparation level and identify areas for improvement.
  7. Stay updated with current affairs: Read newspapers, magazines, and online articles regularly to stay informed about recent developments and debates in the field of philosophy and sociology.

 What is the pattern of questions asked in General Studies IV?

The questions in General Studies IV are a mix of:

  • Short answer questions: These usually require a brief explanation or definition of a concept.
  • Long answer questions: These demand a more detailed and analytical response, often requiring you to discuss different perspectives or provide examples.
  • Essay-type questions: These are more open-ended questions that assess your ability to synthesize information, present arguments, and offer solutions to complex problems.

 Are there any specific books recommended for General Studies IV preparation?

Some recommended books for General Studies IV are:

  • Philosophy:
    • Indian Philosophy by Datta and Chatterjee
    • A Critical History of Western Philosophy by Y. Masih
    • Contemporary Philosophical Issues by John R. Burr and Milton Goldinger
  • Sociology:
    • Sociology by Anthony Giddens
    • Indian Society by Ram Ahuja


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